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Abruzzo: Santo Stefano di Sessanio

“Sessanio” or "Sextantia”, as it was called in Roman times, is the patron saint of the village. Many structures in the village date from the eleventh through fifteenth centuries. In the twelfth century, Santo Stefano was part of the Baronage of Carapelle, which included Castel del Monte, Colascio, Capestrano, Carapelle, Castelvecchio, Ofena, and Villa S.Luca. The still standing village portal and now destroyed circular tower (the town's most notable architectural landmark) were constructed by the Medicis. The entrance portal, which leads to the village's main square, is emblazoned with the Medici coat of arms. Other historic structures include the Church of Santa Maria in Ruvo, Casa Fortezza, the Church of Santo Stefano, the ruins of the Palazzo Anelli, the Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie, and the Convent S. Maria del Monte. The village's main source of income is tourism with small boutiques, art galleries and eateries tucked into ancient stone structures. A