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Why visit Italy

There are about 40,000 hotels in Italy. Every hotel has rates fixed in agreement with the Provincial Tourist Board. Most hotels quote all-inclusive rates, which include taxes, service, heating or air-conditioning. Also we have around 2,000 quality approved Bed&Breakfast located in the most popular destinations around Italy. Also hundreds of convents, monasteries and other religious institutions offering accommodations. Accommodation in private homes and villas are available in most cities and towns in Italy. • ART CITIES: Italy has a long recorded history that the biggest problem facing the traveler is to choose among the nation's endless cultural attractions. All main centres, most of the provincial cities and many quite small towns have museums. Of all the countries in the worls, there is none more magical than Italy, a traveler's dream destination. Ancien monuments and archeological sites are perfectly preserved; the museums are bursting with the genius of Italy&