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Abruzzo: Alba Fucens

Alba Fucens was an ancient Italic town occupying a lofty location (1,000 m) at the foot of the Monte Velino, c. 6.5 km north of Avezzano, Abruzzo, central Italy. Its remains are today in the comune of Massa d'Albe (few miles from were i live). It was originally a town of the Aequi, though on the frontier of the Marsi, but was occupied by a Roman colony (304 BC) owing to its strategic importance. Alba Fucens It lay on a hill just to the north of the Via Valeria, which was probably prolonged beyond Tibur at this very period. In the Second Punic War Alba at first remained faithful, but afterwards refused to send contingents and was punished. It can reach Alba Fucens along highway A24-A25 towards Pescara , if you go to Rome or L'Aquila, if you come from Pescara instead just take the A25 towards Rome. The outputs at toll of both paths will take place at Avezzano or Magliano dei Marsi . Once you leave the highway, it will be easy to frame the isolated hill of Alba in the