Italy's main airports for intercontinental and international arrivals

Italy's main airports for intercontinental and international arrivals are 'Leonardo da Vinci' (Rome Fiumicino) and Malpensa (Milan); however, international flights arrive in almost all the country's numerous airports.

A wide range of flights is available from both traditional and low-cost airlines, covering a vast array of destinations.

Italy has air links with most European countries and with the rest of the world. The websites of the main regular and low-cost airlines provide further information on routes, flight times, prices and availability.

More or less all the airports are serviced by a dense network of taxis, buses and trains, which allow to reach one's final destination with a certain ease.

Travelling inside Italy
Travelling by air in Italy is easy, thanks to the wide range of flights and airlines that operate in the country. There are plenty of connections from one city to another, with frequent services from Rome-Fiumicino and Milan-Malpensa to all the other airports in Italy, and it is also simple and convenient to reach Sicily, Sardinia and the smaller islands from the mainland, with frequent services available.

There are almost forty other small and medium-sized airports in Italy, present in every region except Molise and Basilicata.

Rome Airports:

Fiumicino Airport "Leonardo da Vinci" (FCO)
Rome's main airport is well-connected to the center during the day by a direct train and slower trains. The direct train between Fiumicino and Termini costs € 9,50 and takes approximately 30 minutes. Tickets can be purchased at vending machines, ticket offices and other vendors at both Termini and Fiumicino.
  • schedule: every 30 minutes
  • Fiumicino - Roma from 6.37am until 11.37pm
  • Roma - Fiumicino from 5.52am until 10.52pm
There is another train connecting Fiumicino airport to central Rome - when you are at the airport train station look for the train with the destination "Orte" or "Fara Sabina". It is slower (and cheaper) because it stops at some smaller local stations along the way and does not stop at Termini. Trains take about 45 minutes to reach Tiburtina. 
  • schedule: every 15-30 minutes
  • Fiumicino Airport - Trastevere - Ostiense - Tiburtina from 5.57am until 11.27pm
  • Tiburtina - Ostiense - Trastevere - Fiumicino Airport from 5.06am until 10.36pm
For more information: - map

Ciampino Airport "G.B. Pastine" (CIA)
A smaller airport dealing mainly with charter flights and budget airlines. It is connected to Line A metro station Anagnina (about 30 mins by metro from Termini) by Cotral buses; ticket costs € 1,03. Buses leave every 30-60 minutes. For more information:

Buses connecting Ciampino airport with the centre of Rome stop running at 11pm, so the only way to get into town late at night is by tax or better using our limousine services.

You may be approched by illegal taxi drivers in the station and at the airport. If you need a taxi, look for the official white taxis which have meters. There are taxi stands at both Fiumicino and Termini.

For Milan visit:


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