In Italy with Antonio

In Italy with Antonio

Travel Weekly reporter David Cogswell wrote: portrait of a tour manager as the main man. 
"the tour director is the host of the party, a wild sleepover in a moving setting. he is the facilitator of the movement; the solver of problems; the maker of arrangements; a sympathetic ear to the frustrated; a protector of the vulnerable, and a helping hand to the faltering. he must be a little bit teacher, a bit of an entertainer and certainly a leader."

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"I find myself at a loss for words when I think about writing this review for Italian Travel Team. 
There are too few of them to properly provide an accurate understanding of how absolutely amazing this tour was. 
If you want to do Italy the right way, you must use only ITT! 
They have my absolute trust and admiration. I recently returned from my third tour of Italy with them. I am an amputee in a wheelchair, and I owe a great debt of gratitude to Antonio and Natalia as they went out of their way to accommodate me. They, again, went above and beyond to meet my every need. Antonio is the tour guide extraordinaire while Natalia works her magic behind the scenes. 

I felt like in their planning of the tour, they took my needs into consideration everywhere we went. 

Antonio worked very hard to make sure I was okay. He had horrible pain in his back and he still pushed my chair when I needed it, and even followed behind me as I stubbornly crutched up a winding staircase in the bell tower in Aquileia... 126 steps! 
This was a “Mystery Tour” 
where I was guided to sights and places that filled me with jaw-dropping awe. Being a “Mystery Tour,” my fellow travelers and I had no idea where we were going from day to day, hour to hour. There was excitement in the not-knowing! 
We had said “Yes!” to Antonio,
trusting him to show us amazing things, and then blindly followed him from place to place each day. 
He did not let us down! 
Italian Travel Team exhibits the professionalism, knowledge, and luxury that cannot be missed! They quite literally take care of everything and all is first rate. Antonio’s knowledge and love for his country is boundless. Not once did I feel “unsafe” on this tour. I know that my next adventure with Italian Travel Team will be nothing less than extraordinary!" - Eileen Schroder
"My daughter and I enjoyed the most extraordinary trip to Italy! Many thanks to you and Joey for creating memories of a lifetime for us. Our trip schedule was perfect – personal, historic, cultural, all with the beautiful scenery, knowledge able guides and pleasant drivers (loved those Mercedes) I was so proud of my motherland and Italian heritage. Many thanks! Kathy and Hayley" 

 "A very superb two weeks touring Italy with an incredibly fun and entertaining tour guide! Charlie Wehrley"

"Love the pictures on this page.
We are of course still talking about what a wonderful time we had with you in Italy.
Yes, you are definitely more than a friend. Thanks again for a most wonderful and memorable tour of Italy.
We are thinking that we want to do Sicily with you next. We'll let you know when we have dates in mind.

Keep in touch!!" Dick - Joanie

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