Train in Italy

Italy has an extensive rail network that connects the whole country. There is a wide range of regional, intercity and high-speed services to choose from, with 95% of the routes run by Trenitalia, which guarantees 7000 trains a day, almost half of them in peak traffic hours, except Molise and Basilicata.

There are various types of train: local services, Diretto (DIR), Regionale (R), and Interregionale (IR), which stop at all the stations on the route, and the faster, long distance trains, Intercity (IC) and Eurostar (ES), which stop only in major towns and cities. In addition, there are high speed Eurostar Italy trains, the so-called Freccia Rossa, that can reach 300 km/h.

Once a ticket has been purchased, it must be stamped before boarding the train, using one of the many yellow machines present on or near the platforms. For service times and information, it is advisable to consult the website of the national state rail system:


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